It is true that carers have access to support services provided by their child or young person’s DCP case worker and the carer’s support agency or kinship care team. CF&KC-SA’s recognises that, in spite of this, there are gaps in the supports made available. Our advocacy service is designed to fill these gaps by ensuring carers’ needs are met when their support services are unable to provide. We focus on collaborating and working in a coordinated manner that supports communication between carers and other parties, all whilst acting in the best interests of the child or young person.

Our carer advocacy team is here to connect, inform, support, and advocate for carers. To speak with our advocates, phone 1800 732 272 (freecall) or email:

CF&KC-SA provide support by:

  • Recognising the multi-faceted impacts of trauma and the experience of children and young people growing up within the child protection system.
  • Connecting carers with peers through support groups.
  • Encouraging effective communication between individuals and partners in the care team.
  • Building and repairing relationships with agencies, kinship care teams, the DCP, and other providers.
  • Referring carers to services when that service is better suited to meeting the carer’s needs.
  • Ensuring we provide an accessible service that accepts carer families from all walks of life.
  • Developing carers’ skills via learning opportunities and sharing knowledge and information.

“It's rewarding to help a young family member have a happy, fulfilling life.” (Carer, 2017 Foster & Kinship Carer Survey)