Carers often face challenges and issues that impact their ability to provide care for vulnerable children and young people resulting in poorer life outcomes. Advocacy provides Carers with the opportunity to participate in decisions that impact the children and young people they care for, their lives and their families and aims to ensure their rights as Carers are promoted and protected.

CF&KC-SA works to promote the voice of Carers, to have Carers’ voices be heard and for Carers to be collectively recognised as an essential part of the child protection system.

This advocacy occurs at two levels: influencing positive changes to attitudes, policies, systems and laws through systems advocacy – and individual advocacy, helping Carers have an effective voice in matters that affect them and the children and young people in their care.

Our Carer Advocacy team is here to help. To speak with one of our Carer Advocates:
phone 1800 732 272 (freecall) or email:

“I needed your encouragement and support to start - I was in the worst place possible. So over the finger pointing and blame. I didn't feel worth anything anymore. You were there to listen and encourage and advise. Thank you.” (Carer)