We gather and share information to ensure carers are kept up to date on the latest news and resources regarding child protection matters. We also work with various groups to help them provide relevant and useful services to carers. CF&KC-SA is committed to identifying the topics carers are interested in learning more about and consider important to better the experience of providing care. We understand that the dissemination is information is an essential part of:

  • Drawing carers’ attention to important issues and topics in child protection.
  • Informing carers when changes and new initiatives are being developed and anticipated.
  • Reducing the stigma and stereotyping of carers and children and young people in their care.
  • Providing access to resources, contacts, and services for carers.
  • Promoting opportunities to take part in trainings, public consultation requests, support and reference groups, and other events.

CF&KC-SA often provide information to carers via:


“Thanks so much … really enjoyed the session. Very informative and most helpful.
All our Carers need to hear this!”

(feedback from CF&KC-SA Carer Education Session: ‘Helping Children & Young People to Realise their Potential’ delivered by Colby Pearce)