Carers are a critical element of the care team, currently providing family-based care for approximately 83 per cent of children in care. Getting it right for Carers means better outcomes for all children and young people, with more Carers promoting foster and kinship care through word-of-mouth.

CF&KC-SA’s services are designed to work in partnership to promote the best interests of each child and young person and to protect and enhance the interests of all Carers in South Australia.

CF&KC-SA connects with the Carer community, Department for Child Protection, support agencies, kinship care teams and other key stakeholders to ensure effective consultation, coordination, communication and education on issues and activities which affect Carers.

CF&KC-SA offers opportunities for Carers to connect through regular annual events such as the Recharge event and for Carer families to connect through family fun events. For example, in January over 70 families enjoyed an evening at the drive-in with a petting zoo and air-brush tattoos. These events, together with information about local support groups and other networks offer Carers families a range of opportunities to share the achievements, joys, challenges and demands involved in parenting within the various contexts of the child protection system.


Carer Support Groups

Groups run by Carers are available to offer support and to share information. If you host a “carer-run” group please contact us by email to so we can add it to our list below.

For details about Agency carer groups please contact your support worker for further information.


"Excellent event. Inspirational speakers. Great day and certainly went away with more knowledge than I arrived with. Also a great networking opportunity for our carers and staff alike. Very happy customer. I am now a member of CFC and look forward to supporting your cause :)"

(Feedback from CFC-SA's 2018 Recharge Event)