Carer Reference Groups

Our carer reference groups are designed for carers to have their say on specific matters related to family-based care. The matters discussed are part of our systemic advocacy efforts and are largely borne out of our learnings from the carer advocacy service and annual carer survey, both of which highlight systemic issues and knowledge gaps in the foster and kinship care environment. In every reference group, we hear about carers’ experiences, concerns, and ideas about ways to change child protection policies, procedures, legislation, and practice, as well as confirm and bring to light the matters that are truly important to carers.

To advocate for improved outcomes in family-based care, CF&KC-SA’s reference groups are primarily used to:

  • Make carer led and informed submissions to inquiries, royal commissions, and legislation reviews.
  • Conduct carer-based research for academics and university interns.
  • Take part in consultations to discuss matter with the Minister for Child Protection and ensure the carer voice is heard.

Examples of matters addressed in carer reference groups include:

  • Carer payments.
  • The Statement of Commitment to Foster and Kinship Carers in South Australia.
  • Parental entitlements.
  • Respite care.
  • The initial placement checklist.
  • The Department for Education.
  • Resources for sexualised behaviours in children and young people in care.
  • Multiple carer-group submissions to the Inquiry into Foster and Kinship Care SA.
  • Carer consultations for making submissions to the Children and Young People (Safety) Act 2017
  • A carer-led agency submission to the Inquiry into the Application of the South Australian Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Child Placement Principle.