“There’s no disenfranchisement when you’re sitting in that room”:
Evaluating a South Australian loss and grief support group for foster and
kinship carers, article published in the Journal "Children and Youth Services Review", regarding our Grief & Transition support group.

Dr Damian Riggs from Flinders University wrote the article with input from CF&KC-SA Carer Advocate Tandanya Allain, CEO Fiona Endacott, previous Senior Advocate Liz Browne and previous social work student Amanda Quince.


CF&KC-SA Adelaide University Intern research

The True Cost of Foster and Kinship Caring in South Australia (July 2021) by Emma Feagan

Keeping Aboriginal Children Connected to Culture (December 2021) by Anita Chaplin

Foster & Kinship Carers rights to review government decisions: jurisdictional tangles and unacceptable realities (December 2021) by Ruby Preece