Research into the unique experiences of being a Kinship Carer

22 June 2018

Samantha Rittson is a Masters student in the School of Psychology and Counselling at Queensland University of Technology (QUT). She is currently conducting research into the unique experiences of being a kinship carer and she needs your voice. To participate, simply click on the link below and complete the online survey. All responses are anonymous.…

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Foster and kinship carers experiences with infant feeding

23 March 2018

University of Western Sydney – Research project Are you a foster/kinship carer who has provided care for an infant (under 12 months of age) in Australia within the last 5 years? If so, you are invited to participate in this research project that seeks to understand your experiences.  This study is being run by a researcher…

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Access and Barriers to Fostering and Adoption in Patients with Cancer, Chronic Health Conditions or Disabilities

16 June 2017

Tharani Tharmakumar (a medical student at UNSW), under supervision of Dr Antoinette Anazodo and Ms Eden Robertson, is undertaking the project as detailed below. If you would like to participate, please read the Recruitment flyer here. Project title: Access and barriers to fostering and adoption in patients with cancer, chronic health conditions or disabilities. Background:…

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Free Online Resources for Foster Parents – opportunity to provide feedback

15 June 2017

Dear foster parent/ caregiver, You are invited to provide feedback on resources recently developed for foster parents. Dr Sara McLean from the Australian Centre for Child Protection has developed a series of resources for foster parents who are supporting children with developmental difference and who may display behavioural or social concerns. Dr McLean was funded…

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Young And “Care-Full”: The Support Needs Of Young Kinship Carers

08 March 2017

Young and “care-full” the support needs of young kinship carers: a research project.

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Partner In (Out-Of-Home) Care

18 February 2017

Online survey for foster carers and parents in Out-of-Home Care.

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An Invitation For Birth Parents, Foster Carers And Out-Of-Home Care Caseworkers

22 September 2016

An Invitation For Birth Parents, Foster Carers And Out-Of-Home Care Caseworkers.

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Research articles and publications

Government of South Australia

The Early Intervention Research Directorate has released the ‘Getting it Right Early: South Australian Government’s Prevention and Early Intervention Strategy for Child Abuse and Neglect 2018-19’.

The strategy has been developed in consultation with key partners, non-government and community stakeholders. It is an important milestone reforming the child protection system as we partner with our stakeholders.

For more information, visit the Department of the Premier and Cabinet website.

Australian Government Productivity Commission

Report on Government services 2017 - child protection services - this chapter reports on the performance of governments in providing child protection, out-of-home care and family support services.

Follow the Rabbit-Proof Fence - Aboriginal Child Removal in 2017

Click here to download a great article published recently by prominent Nyungar lawyer, academic and advocate, Dr Hannah McGlade. The article highlights the history and current trends in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander child removals, and promotes many of Family Matters' core messages

The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Child protection Australia 2016-17 - this report shows that during 2016-17, 168,352 (30.8 per 1,000) Australian children received child protection services (investigation, care and protection order and/or were in out-of-home care). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children were 7 times as likely as non-Indigenous children to have received child protection services.

Adoptions Australia 2016-17, the 27th report in the series, presents the latest data on adoptions of Australian children and children from overseas, and highlights important trends in the number of adoptions back to 1992-93.
Data cover characteristics of adopted children, their parents and adoptive families, as well as applications and vetoes for contact and information exchange, issued immigration visas and intercountry processing times on regional reporting.

Child protection Australia 2015-16 Report - during 2015–16, 162,175 (30.2 per 1,000) Australian children received child protection services (investigation, care and protection order and/or were in out-of-home care).

Children admitted to out-of-home-care 2014-15, including national trends on children admitted to out-of-home-care and the experience for those children in 2014-15 (excluding NSW).

National framework for protecting Australia's children web report, outlining latest child protection data in relation to abuse, neglect and out-of-home placements, along with a variety of measure that focus on whether Australia's children and young people are safe and well.

Young people in child protection and under youth justice supervision 2015-16, report presenting information on people aged 10-16 who were in the child protection system and under youth justice supervision from 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2016

The Institute of Child Protection Studies Research to Practice Series

  • Recruiting and Retaining Foster Carers (2017)
  • Supporting quality contact visits for children in out-of-home care (2015)
  • Needs and Experiences of Biological Children of Foster Carers (2015)
  • Children with Parents in Prison (2013)
  • Identity and Meaning in the lives of vulnerable young people (2013)

Australian Centre for Child Protection