2020 Foster & Kinship Carer Survey Summary

In December 2020, we asked South Australian Foster and Kinship Carers to provide us with frank and fulsome feedback regarding the challenges and barriers they face, together with the successes and rewards experienced from providing family-based care to children and young people who cannot live with their birth families.

We are pleased to share the summary results of the 2020 Foster & Kinship Carer Survey:

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Thank you to the Foster & Kinship Carers who provided us with their valued input, feedback and suggestions. We are truly appreciative.

The information gathered will be used to guide our work in 2021, ensuring Carers are correctly informed of their rights and are aware of the supports and services available to their families.

CF&KC-SA will use this important feedback to plan and develop future information sessions in addition to guiding our systemic advocacy; lobbying for a better future for our Carer community.

Your crucial feedback will assist our organisation to confidently and comprehensively address the barriers and challenges present in current child protection policy and legislation.

We look forward to bringing your views to our work over the coming 12 months.

Fiona Endacott

Chief Executive Officer