Foster & Kinship Carer Week 2020

In Foster & Kinship Carer Week 2020 we want to sincerely say thank you to Carers for your dedication and the work that you do with the children and young people in your care. We acknowledge and value your varying cultural backgrounds and life experiences, and the richness that this brings to the care you provide. We understand that the Carer journey is diverse, there are ups and downs but there are so many beautiful moments too.

We see you, we hear you, we value you and we thank you

We see the dedication, unconditional love and support that you provide

We hear you loud and clear, your voice and your stories

We value each of you for the unique contributions that you individually bring to the lives of children and young people in your care and how you profoundly influence their growth, development and self-identity

From our CF&KC-SA team, we say thank you

Click here to see our “thank you” video