Peer Support Network

Peer support is the process of sharing experiences and providing knowledge, emotional, social or practical help obtained through similar situations.

Our Peer Support Network was formed in 2017 to deliver services across 10 regions in South Australia.

We have a team of 9 experienced foster and kinship carers with a combined 72 years of caring experience who are available to have a chat, listen and share their own experiences with other Carers, helping them to connect with others and feel less isolated.

Our Peer Support Network volunteers come from a diverse range of backgrounds and have experienced various challenges, issues, and successes. They have joined together in training to deliver this service and are ready to offer a ‘listening ear’ and help other Carers to explore various aspects of foster and kinship care in a supportive environment.

If you would like one of our Peer Support volunteers to contact you, please email or call 1800 737 272, noting the area you live in (either suburb or general region) and your phone number.

N.B. Peer Support is not to be confused with advocacy, rather it is a complementary service. Our Peer Support Network will refer any issues to our staff team for further follow up.


To find out who is your Peer Support volunteer, please click on the relevant region below:


“We are not alone, we can request help, support is always available” (Carer)