EFC Inquiry into Home Care

CF&KC-SA Statement on the SA Parliament Economic and Finance Committee:
Inquiry into Home Care for Children and Young People

Introduction statement

Over the past 12 months, CF&KC-SA has advocated for the South Australian Parliament’s Economic and Finance Committee (EFC) to commence an inquiry into the social and economic impacts of home care for children and young people. We have frequently corresponded with committee members as part of our broader systemic advocacy to ensure Carers are properly supported and fairly compensated for their caring role.

We are excited to advise that the EFC has established the Inquiry into Home Care for Children and Young People, which is now open and receiving submissions until Friday 19 April 2024, 5PM.


When is my submission due?

The due date is 19 April 2024. However, the EFC may allow extra time for Carers who request an extension (in writing) via the EFC inbox prior to the closing date (see contact details below).

How can I make a submission?

The EFC is accepting written submissions only. There is no maximum or minimum length and samples are available on the EFC page. The EFC will use written submissions as a resource to identify stakeholders they wish to hear evidence from.

What will happen to my submission?

All submissions will be made publicly available after the submissions are collated. Confidentiality can be requested, however, the EFC reserves the right to publish all documents received. Be mindful of what is included as it may be published in full. Effectively, if you don’t want it publicly shared then don’t include it.

How long will the Inquiry run?

After the public submission due date (19 April), there is no end date for the Inquiry to finish hearing witnesses, gathering evidence and reporting their findings. The EFC is a standing committee, meaning it runs for the life of Parliament (i.e. 2025).  As such, the Inquiry may run for the duration.

Can I give evidence in person?

The EFC will hear evidence from stakeholders in person only upon invitation from the committee. Stakeholders are welcome to identify this as a preference in their written submission.

How will CF&KC-SA participate in this inquiry?

CF&KC-SA will first draft a written submission. We will then invite carers to provide feedback and contributions to our submission in a virtual session on 8th April (details below) with our Project Officer, or by emailing our Project Officer directly. Carers’ contributions will be collated and included in our submission, which we will then submit to the EFC.

Contact details and important links

  1. Submission Inbox – to write to the EFC directly, and to make a submission, email EFC.Assembly@parliament.sa.gov.au
  2. To be part of the Connecting Foster & Kinship Carers – SA submission process, register your interest in our virtual session to be held on Monday 8th April, 1.00-2.00pm – click here to register.
    Alternatively, once we share our draft submission with the membership, you can email your feedback or contribution to our Project Officer: emma@cfc-sa.org.au
  3. To read the announcement for yourself, visit the EFC’s terms of reference here

For further details, phone our team on freecall 1800 732 272 or email: emma@cfc-sa.org.au