University Research Project: SAPOL’s engagement with Carers and their young people

University Research Intern Project
SAPOL’s engagement with Carers and their young people
Our newest intern, Betsy Green, is busily researching her project on SAPOL’s engagement with South Australian Carers and children in their care. Betsy wants to ensure her research authentically reflects the experiences of Carers and as such, wants to hear from Carers across SA. If you and your young person have had an experience or interaction with SAPOL throughout your caring journey, Betsy would like to know if you felt respected and how these interactions could be different by SAPOL.

There are two opportunities to be involved:

Click here to provide your input by answering 3 questions via email:

  1. Have you had an experience with SAPOL? Please explain what that experience was like.
  2. Did you feel respected by SAPOL during your interaction with them? Yes or No?
  3. If you were to have another interaction with SAPOL, how would you like it to be different?

Alternatively, click here to register for a Zoom consultation session:
Thursday, 6th October 2022
Please note: all information shared will be treated as completely confidential and no identifying information will be used in the final report.



“It is my goal to share the Carer experience in my report and identify recommendations for change”
Betsy Green, CF&KC-SA intern