Response to the draft Children and Young People (Safety) Bill

Connecting Foster Carers – SA Inc (CFC-SA) is finalising our response to the draft Children and Young People (Safety) Bill. We invite you to read through the latest version ahead of submitting on Friday. [Please note, we do not anticipate any major changes to this version.] Thank you to all who provided feedback to include in this submission.

If you support any or all of the areas CFC-SA has addressed, we encourage you to show your support by providing feedback via the YourSay website before the closing date – Friday 27 January 2017 at 5pm.

If you are wondering how to show your support, for all of the areas you could simply state: “I fully support the response submitted by CFC-SA” or you can refer to particular areas, e.g.: “I support the comments relating to section 64 and am also absolutely opposed to any risk of carers being imprisoned for any term whatsoever for undertaking a voluntary role, beyond those imposed on the public generally.”

Thank you for your consideration and thank you for caring.