How Do You Feel About That? Working Therapeutically with Children and their Emotions

30th June 9.30am-5pm
Presented by Catherine Sanders & Nicole Nelson
Morning and afternoon tea provided

Children are often referred to therapy to address problems with the expression or management of emotions – anger, worry, sadness, anxiety, jealousy and fear.

Effectively understanding the child’s emotions and devising a strategy or intervention that addresses the problem and can be effectively enacted in their world can be challenging for the practitioner.

This one day workshop will to bring together the research knowledge of Nicole Nelson with the therapeutic knowledge of Catherine Sanders woven into a unique theoretical-practice tapestry.
Attention will be paid to the specific practices and protocols that apply to therapeutic work with children and their emotions in order to maximise their capacity to engage in that therapeutic process and make changes to address the presenting difficulties.

Dr Nicole Nelson is a Developmental Psychologist whose research centres on how children and adults learn about and understand emotional expressions, including how we integrate facial, postural and vocal expression cues; incorporation of situational information into emotion understanding; the role of movement in expression recognition; and how cultural information informs our understanding of others’ expressions. Dr Nelson is located in the School of Psychology, University of Queensland.

Catherine Sanders is a Clinical Psychologist, a Family and Systemic Therapist and a Director of Bower Place Psychology, Psychiatry, Family Therapy. She has a particular interest therapeutic practice with children, their families and wider world and finding creative ways to engage and effect change. Catherine will address the direct application of knowledge about children’s emotions to therapeutic practice which will be explored through DVD material and clinical case examples.

Participants will be able to submit questions prior to the workshop to allow the presenters to tailor the workshop to your needs and requirements.

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