Good news for Carer families

CF&KC-SA is ecstatic to announce that the Children and Young Person (Safety) Bill 2017 (SA) was passed in parliament on 6th July 2017.

For almost 4 years CF&KC-SA has been advocating and lobbying for the inclusion of decisions made by the Department of Child Protection to be reviewable by the South Australian Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal (SACAT). This week, CFC-SA has been heard and the rights of Carers have been upheld.

This means that decisions of the Department will be reviewable by an autonomous, binding authority that are capable of appeal.

It is important the community know CF&KC-SA is the only body that advocated and lobbied for this oversight on behalf of children, young people and Carers, and that it was in direct contradiction to Commissioner Nyland’s recommendations. However, the Government, the opposition and other parliamentarians saw the value in having decisions be reviewable by SACAT, and have now committed to making that mechanism available for Carers.

CF&KC-SA considers this a day of victory for the caring community, and looks forward to supporting our Members to seek the review of decision when it is able. CF&KC-SA would like to thank its Members for their ongoing support.

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