Reunification Court Carer Guide

One of the possible outcomes for children taken into state care is reunification with their birth families. This guide assists Foster and Kinship carers to understand the process of the Reunification Court and identifies how they can be part of the process.

The guide was updated January 2023 to provide further details about the Reunification Court:

The focus of the Reunification Court is to encourage and support biological parents to meet their case plan goals.  Neither the Judge or the legal representatives decide the case direction of each matter.  Case direction is entirely vested with DCP’s caseworker.  DCP not the Court decide whether to proceed with reunification or not.

Carers submissions to the Court should be child focused and reflect aspects to caring for their child and how their needs are met.  The aim of the submission is to give the Court and DCP a picture of what is required to care for the child.

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