‘LOVE’ by artist Mali Isabel

‘LOVE’ by artist Mali Isabel represents the many facets of Foster and Kinship Care

As part of our reconciliation journey, in early 2021 Connecting Foster & Kinship Carers-SA connected with artist Mali Isabel, an Arabana/Kokatha woman. We commissioned her to represent the vital work of Foster and Kinship Carers in this beautiful and meaningful artwork, ‘LOVE’.

In Mali’s words:  “The centre area symbolises love and kindness, something Carers and workers are full of. The small areas of different colours that fill the canvas represent all the emotions that come with the role of working in this field. Empathy, understanding, respect along with sadness and struggles with mental and physical health. The darker coloured areas symbolise the ups and downs and the positives and negatives. Throughout the artwork can be seen symbols representing stars, meeting places and connectivity.

The original painting hangs in the CF&KC-SA office in Prospect, and Mali has also created this work to be used in our communications. You can look forward to seeing more of it over time.