Minister announces Carer Payment increase for new financial year

This morning Minister Hildyard announced a Carer payment increase for the new financial year; namely a 4.8% increase on the base payment and an additional $50 per fortnight, per child up to the age of 16 years.

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Shortly after the announcement CF&KC-SA spoke with the Minister’s office to seek further understanding regarding the Government’s commitment to increase Carer payments. It was explained to us the percentage increase was as a CPI measure with the $50 payment a boost for Carers with the calculation unclear. As such we raised our concerns the increase was insufficient.

Whilst we at the peak body appreciate the South Australian government’s positive approach to Carer payments, the harsh reality is Carers have been, and still are, absorbing the escalating cost of living with many out of pocket expenses; expenses far higher than the percentage increase suggested.

CF&KC-SA carries the experiences of every Carer that contacts our organisation for support and advocacy; experiences we embed into our systemic advocacy efforts, including the critical issue of Carer remuneration and superannuation.

Our concern remains, that until the true cost of caring by family based Carers is comprehensively understood, and Carer payments are accurately increased, Carers will continue to find themselves out of pocket.

We have previously contacted the Treasurer’s office lobbying for Carer payments to reflect the cost of living and emphasising the phenomenal support Carers provide to young people, which must not be taken for granted. We will continue our efforts to meet with the Treasurer and press government to increase funding for Carer payments as an urgent action.

Next Thursday we will see the Treasurer deliver the government’s state budget, with CF&KC-SA invited to the budget lock in. As such, we will inform the membership of the budget outcomes and how this will impact family based Carers.

Best wishes,

Fiona Endacott
Chief Executive Officer